The AFL Canberra Umpires' Association (AFLCUA) is a not-for-profit organisation incorporated in 1963 for Australian Rules football umpires in the Canberra region. The AFLCUA is managed by an Executive Committee that is elected each year by current members, and their objective is to promote the game of Australian Rules football and the interests of football generally by:

  • fostering the umpiring cohort and supporting the continual improvement of umpiring in the AFL Canberra league;
  • coordinating the efforts of the Association with the AFL Canberra League and other footballing bodies; and
  • encouraging social connections for umpires and furthering the interests of Association members.

Both male and female umpires are involved in officiating the AFL Canberra league, with umpires ranging in age from 14 to over 50 across the three umpiring disciplines (i.e. Field, Boundary, and Goal).

The AFLCUA provides umpires to all levels of competition in the Canberra region for both Men's and Women's matches. These competitions include teams from Canberra, Queanbeyan, regional New South Wales and some Canberra schools. Additionally, there are umpiring opportunities to officiate AFL Canberra pre-season games, AFL Masters games, and GWS Giants/Sydney Swans Academy matches.

From 2011 to 2019 AFLCUA members had the opportunity to be involved in the North Eastern AFL competition (NEAFL) and now can be involved in the Victorian Football League (VFL) following the NEAFL competition being amalgamated into the VFL from 2021.

A career path for elite umpires is also available, with umpires having the opportunity to be offered contracts to officiate AFL/AFLW competition matches. As at season 2023 there are 7 umpires officiating at the AFL/AFLW level who started their umpiring journey in Canberra, with two ultimately reaching the biggest stage - an AFL Grand Final.



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