Previous Executive

The AFLCUA would not have been as successful or enduring as it has been without the dedicated service of many generations of Executive Committee members. We acknowledge and thank our past and current Office Bearers for their hard work in building both the Association and umpiring more broadly in the Canberra region.

Year President Secretary Treasurer
1963 C. Radford D. Leedham P. McMenamin
1964 P. McMenamin D. Leedham T. Parkinson
1965 R. Smeaton R. Dunn T. Parkinson
1966 T. Parkinson R. Dunn G. Mayo
1967 I. Sonneman R. Dunn G. Mayo
1968 C. Radford T. Parkinson G. Mayo
1969 R. Smeaton T. Parkinson G. Mayo
1970 J. Fitzpatrick T. Parkinson G. Mayo
1971 P. Stewart T. Parkinson G. Mayo
1972 F Leverett T. Parkinson G. Mayo
1973 R. Holswich G. Hyde A. Carter
1974 R. Holswich
M. Lindsay
F. Barden
G. William M. Rendell
1975 B. Stirling P. Harris R. Farren
1976 B. Stirling P. Harris R. Sainson
1977 D. Selth P. Harris L. Belcher
1978 D. Selth P. Harris L. Belcher
1979 R. Swainson B. Yvanovich L. Belcher
1980 B. Yvanovich C. Hassal L. Belcher
1981 B. Yvanovich G. French D. Meredith
1982 B. Yvanovich G. French D. Lyne
1983 M. Tabart G. Yvanovich
S. Gnaden
D. Lyne
R. Fogarty
1984 M. Tabart G. Hamersley D. Lyne
R. Fogarty
1985 D. Malcolm G. Cattanach D. Lyne
1986 D. Malcolm G. French
M. O'Hagan
D. Lyne
1987 D. Malcolm M. O'Hagan D. Hinds
1988 D. Malcolm C. Leach
M. O'Hagan
A. Perry
1989 B. Lee-Archer P. Auld G. Clarke
1990 B. Lee-Archer P. Auld I. Towers
1991 B. Lee-Archer P. Auld I. Towers
1992 G. French P. Auld I. Towers
1993 J. Jenkin P. Auld
B. Bird
M. Butler
1994 J. Jenkin D. Kitney M. Butler
1995 M. Soulsby D. Ponsford P. Smith
1996 M. Soulsby P. Rowberyy P. Smith
1997 M. Kennealy G. Kennealy M. Healy
1998 M. Kennealy G. Kennealy P. Smith
1999 A. Toy P. Auld P. Smith
2000 A. Toy P. Auld L. Hoskings
2001 L. Hosking P. Auld G. Healy
2002 L. Hosking P. Auld A. Broughton
2003 P. Smith P. Auld M. Rochford
2004 J. Savage P. Auld M. Healy
2005 J. Savage P. Auld M. Healy
2006 J. Savage P. Auld K. Tingey
2007 J. Savage P. Auld K. Tingey
2008 J. Savage P. Auld K. Tingey
2009 J. Savage P. Auld J. Healy
2014 T Stemper    
2015 T Stemper   J Healy
2016 T Stemper    
2017 K McCormack    
2018 K Schultz   T Izzard
2019 A Roberts B Kelly  
2020 A Roberts B Kelly D Willcox
2021 A Roberts S Crowley A Fryer
2022 A Roberts S Crowley  (vacant)
2023 C Larter R Daddow J Ansell



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