Canberra Venues

The AFLCUA has developed the following shorthand guide to help umpires find the location of their appointed match. This guide can be used in-conjunction with AFL Canberra's game day weblink.

As a general rule, we have provided information to plug into Google Maps and/or the map software of your choice so as to locate and navigate to the ground. We have also included some locale descriptions to help provide additional guidance.

Don't forget: you need to be at your game a minimum of 45 minutes (preferably one hour) before the first bounce. This ensures you have enough time to warm-up and meet your panel before walking onto the field of play.

AFL Canberra Senior Venues

ADFA Oval - aka 'ADFA AFL Oval', on ADFA campus in Campbell. Not to be confused with RMC Oval 4.

Adero Law Nest - this is 'Holt Oval', in the suburb of Holt. If your navigation software needs a street address, go to "Ormsby Place". The gate to get through the big fence is from the south-east corner right off Ormsby. The Holt 102 oval next door is sometimes used for Junior games.

Alan Ray Oval - this one should be easily findable as the name is recongised by Google. As a tip, the entry to the parking and oval is located off Wakefield Avenue between the Ainslie Club and Ainslie Fire Station.

Amaroo 101 (or any Amaroo XYZ) - for these ovals you want 'Amaroo District Playing Fields'. Note: when you turn off Horse Park Drive you want to turn right and go to the carpark down that road rather than go straight to the first/closest carpark. Also, be warned... these grounds are cold!

ANU South Oval - this is 'South Oval' on the ANU Campus in Acton. Specific street is "Ward Road"

Aulich Park - this one should also be findable via the name on Google. 26 Queenbar St if you need/want a street address. A tip for this one is that the entry gate is across from the IGA shop near Cooma St. Previously is was called 'Allinsure Park'.

EPC Solar Park - this is 'Phillip Oval' in Phillip. The home of AFL Canberra, and is sometimes just called 'Footy Park'.

Greenway Oval - this one is recognised by Google too. Watch out for the frost in winter and the kangaroos (and their droppings) year-round.

Gungahlin Enclosed Oval - another one known to Google. "Crinigan Circuit" is the address you want (despite Google saying it's on Warwick St). That's because entry to get through the big fence for this one is from the south west, where Crinigan Circuit stops/evolves into carparks.

Holt 102 - this is the other AFL oval that is next to (slightly south/east from) the Adero Law Nest

Kambah 107 - this is part of the 'Kambah District Playing Fields' in Kambah. It's in the southwest corner of the playing fields area, so your best bet is to try park as west as you can in the carpark off 'Chirnside Circuit'.

Kingston Oval - also known to Google. Despite the name, it's actually in the suburb of Griffith, 8 Dawes St for the exact address.

Lindwall Oval - known to Google, this is sometimes called the Marist Oval as it's on-site at Marist College.

RMC Oval 4 - for this one you want 'Alamein Oval Duntroon'. Is also on the ADFA Campus in Campbell. Not to be confused with ADFA AFL Oval.

Rockley Oval - this name is recognised in Google and this ground is a bit of a drive as it's in Googong so plan ahead. Espeically as on-street parking may be required. The tip for this ground is that the change room is "rather small".

Stirling 101 (or other Stirling XYZ) - you want "Stirling District Playing Fields No.1", or if you need a street address "Teesdale Place", in Stirling.

UNSW Canberra Oval - this is 'Manuka Oval' in Manuka.

AFL Canberra Junior Venues

In addition to the above grounds, AFL Canberra Junior games may also be fixtured to appear at the following locations:

Aranda Ovals - the playing fields off Banaga Place, known as the 'Aranda District Playing Fields'.

Gordon Ovals -  the 'Gordon Neighbourhood Oval' that is off Midge St.

Halloran Oval - as named it is off Halloran Drive or Dora St in Jerrabomberra, and/or off the end of Lerra St.

Holt 102 - this is the other AFL oval that is next to (slightly south/east from) the Adero Law Nest

Hughes Oval - this is 'Hughes Oval 1' off Webster St in Hughes.

Isabella Plains - this is 'Isabella Plains Neighbourhood Oval' off from Cromwell Circuit (and is on the opposite side of Drumston St to the 'Mackillop School.

Mackillop School - this is the 'Mackillop Oval' next to the St Mary Mackillip College in Isabella Plains, off Drummond St (and opposite the Isabella Plains Neighbourhood Oval).

Pearce Oval - the 'Pearce Neighbourhood Oval' at Kembley Place.

Reid Oval - located in Reid and is off Elimatta St and across the road from the War Memorial.

Town Park - this is the 'Brad Haddin Oval' in Queanbeyan. 


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