Best Umpire Award

Since 1978 the AFLCUA has awarded a Best Umpire Award in each of the three senior disciplines (Field, Boundary and Goal), as nominated by the respective discipline coaches in that year. An umpire needs to officiate a minimum of 7 senior grade matches in a season to be eligible for these awards.

In 2023 perpetual trophies were donated by Colin Larter for the Best Umpire in each discipline. The trophies list all winners since 1978 and have been named after three umpiring Legends as follows:

  • The Bob Stacey Perpetual Trophy for the Best Field Umpire
  • The Scott Gurney Perpetual Trophy for the Best Boundary Umpire
  • The Jack Perry Perpetual Trophy for the Best Goal Umpire

The recipients of the Best Umpire Awards have have been:


Best Field Umpire
("Golden Whistle")

Best Boundary Umpire
("Silver Whistle")

Best Goal Umpire
("Silver Tankard")

2023 Flynn Kelly Damian Rutledge Emma Loaney
2022 James Forwood Jacob Davill Rhys Daddow
2021 Samuel Nippress Thomas Driscoll Scott Crowley
2020 Nic McGinness Jacob Davill Ciara Briody
2019 Tim O’Shea Jacob Davill Jerome Murillo
2018 Sam Hurford Ian Edwards Rodney Burns
2017 Ben Izzard Kye Doensen Ciara Briody
2016 Ben Izzard Ben Fely Ciara Briody
2015 Graham Stephan Aiden Visser David Bellew
2014 Dom de Carvahlo Adam Forwood Harley Burton
2013 Trav Stemper Aiden Visser Brett Kleidon
2012 Nic McGinness Rocco Perre Kim Schultz
2011 Shaun Haidon John Muir Dale Puren
2010 Dom de Carvahlo Scott Gordon Dale Puren
2009 Michael Kennealy Chris Simms Kate Griffiths
2008 Greg Healy Luke Roberts John Jenkin
2007 Michael Kennealy Luke Roberts Kate Griffiths
2006 Michael Kennealy Luke Roberts James Savage
2005 Michael Kennealy Luke Roberts Matt Ferguson
2004 Ewen McDonald Jason Smith Andrew Miller
2003 Michael Kennealy Jason Smith Colin Larter
2002 Michael Kennealy Andrew Pearson Colin Larter
2001 Andrew Toy Jason Smith Colin Larter
2000 Bedri Sainovski Jason Smith Colin Larter
1999 Bedri Sainovski Jason Smith Adrian Jensz
1998 Bedri Sainovski Scott Gurney Adrian Jensz
1997 Steve McDonald Jason Smith Adrian Jensz
1996 Bedri Sainovski Shane Gurney Adrian Jensz
1995 Peter Debeus David Ponsford Doug Malcolm
1994 Bedri Sainovski Steve Donlan Peter White
1993 Andrew Toy Steve Donlan Graeme Clarke
1992 Bedri Sainovski Steve Donlan Doug Malcolm
1991 Bedri Sainovski David Ponsford Ray McNicol
1990 Andrew Toy Gary Lawson Doug Malcolm
1989 Andrew Toy Gary Lawson Peter White
1988 Shane Gnaden Peter Auld Graeme Clarke
1987 David Pyne Luke Roberts Graeme Clarke
1986 David Pyne Anthony Perry Eric Cant
1985 Russell Taylor Russell Forster Jack Perry
1984 Robert Stacey David Hinds John Milton
1983 Richard Handcock Gary Hamersley Doug Malcolm
1982 Robert Stacey Gary Lawson Jack Perry
1981 Robert Stacey Michael Cawley Jack Perry
1980 Robert Stacey Michael Cawley Karl Blundell
1979 Robert Stacey David Hawes Colin Hassell
1978 Robert Stacey Trevor Brown Don Selth


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