Most Improved Umpire Award

Since 2002 the AFLCUA has awarded a Most Improved Umpire Award in each of the three Senior disciplines (Field, Boundary and Goal), as nominated by the respective Discipline Coaches in that year.

The recipients of the Most Improved Umpire Awards have have been:


Most Improved Field Umpire

Most Improved Boundary Umpire

Most Improved Goal Umpire

2023 Nic Catanzariti Micah Horrigan Grace Lowe
2022 Alex Gailis Damian Rutledge Emma Loaney
2021 Callum Loaney Mitchell Cook  
2020 Ryan Stilwell Mike Smith  
2019 Josh Dunstall Charlie Pettersen James Begley
2018 Aidan Fryer Lachlan Reid Emma Loaney
2017   Ian Edwards  
2016 Kieran McCormack Liam Cashion Catriona Briody
2015 Kieran McCormack   Graeme Matthews
2014   John Hamilton  
2012 Tom Izzard  Alice Broughton Rod Burns
2011 Tom Izzard  Patrick Jackson Brad Chamberlain
2010 Gavin Whitehouse Mark Treloar David Bellew
2009 Rebecca Goddard
Michael Cawley
Arrin Chapman Rocco Perre
2008 Shaun Haidon Dom de Carvahlo Rose O'Dea
2007 Aaron Broughton Chris Simms Joanne Healy
2006 Paul Andrews Paul Andrews Daniel Sum
2004 Kevin Tingey Danny O’Dea Michael Smith
2003 Andrew Scotford Chris Stead Andrew Miller
2002 Chris Tuck Robbie Sirr Ian Hinds


Note: the full list of past recipients is still being reconstructed from various records. If you have have any additional information about previous winners please contact us.


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